Dear Fellow-Disciple:

Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary. (Isaiah 40:31)

Once we make the decision to become a disciple of Christ, it is no longer necessary for us to be the product of our old habit patterns and character tendencies. We become new creatures in Christ, ready to let Him work out the old and work in the new. This requires a season of preparation.

Unless we receive proper tempering, we will crumble under the pressure of opposition. Much of our tempering is accomplished as we learn to wait on God, and that is not easy. We are instant-oriented, but unless we learn how to wait, we find ourselves ahead of God, a precarious place to be.

God is never in a hurry. He patiently works on us as we travel our journey. As we learn to wait on Him, He gently works a change in our hearts and our attitudes and our perspectives. In the process, we learn also to rely upon Hisstrength rather than our own.

It is important to understand that habits are patterns of behavior composed of three overlapping components: knowledge, attitude and skill. Since these are learned rather than inherited, our habits constitute our secondnature, not our first. We are not our habits, so we shouldn't identify with them nor be in bondage to them.

We are to identify with Jesus, become His bond-slave and receive His freedom from our old habit patterns.

Discipleship is a journey, not a destination. We may establish goals we want to attain for God, but reaching goals is not primary with God. His purpose is that we will not be the same at the end of a particular journey as we were at the beginning. His objective is to see us changed into the image of His Son.

We grow in faith from glory to glory. Each segment or journey in our lives brings us to a place where His Spirit can deal with us, where we have an opportunity to be set free from more of our old selves. If our hearts are prepared for the change, God is free to move and our spirits become strengthened by His sovereign touch.

We experience discipleship growth as we yield to His leading, not our own. When we make the decision to wait and watch, we place ourselves in a position to gain wisdom as we observe Him working in the circumstances of our lives.

Our job is to pray. Now that we are committed to discipleship, we can expect God to move in deeper dimensions of our lives. To experience His spiritual awakening, we must stay plugged into the Source of all Spiritual power. We accomplish that through prayer.

In the meantime, we should bring discipline into our prayer life. We can start by interrupting our mornings and afternoons for deliberate seasons of prayer. Remember, there was nothing special about Isaiah until he responded to the call of God. Like Isaiah, we have responded to our Lord's call to discipleship. Now let's take some positive steps toward becoming true disciples!

Jesus is King!

P.S. What are you doing of eternal value?

Question for today: Am I learning to wait on God?