Our program is unique because it is a Regeneration Program. Regeneration is a complete healing. We show the men that drugs and alcohol are not their true problems. We push them to see the pain in their lives that causes their addiction. 

Our approach is spiritual. Our first and most important priority is to get the men to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The times get hard as the men face their past, and the messes that they’ve made, but we encourage them and love them the whole way through.  

There are three phases to the ten month program. The men who graduate from A Place of Restoration must complete all of the phases.

Phase I:  Orientation: This teaches the men to own their choices.
               Regeneration: Understanding chemical dependency.

Phase II:  Inner Healing: This is the most important class. The men face their past, and allow the Lord to heal their pain.  They also learn to forgive the wrongs done to them.

Phase III: Discipleship: This teaches the men to use the tools given to them, along with the truth that God has spoken to them, and shows them how to apply these things to their newly changed lives.

A Place of Restoration

Our program is a regeneration program, the men at APOR are taught that drugs and alcohol are not their true problems. We push them to see the pain in their lives that cause their addiction.