A Place of Restoration

In 1999, Buster Dupuis went through a program called Dunklin Memorial Camp in Okeechobee, Florida. There he learned that his problem was not the addiction to drugs, but rather what brought him to his addiction.
At Dunklin, he learned what was really going on inside, and how to allow God to heal him from the inside out. Buster also took classes on the weekends with his wife, Maria, and son, Jacob.  These classes were aimed to help them recover as a family. Together they learned how to work through the recovery process. God then lead Buster and his family to south Louisiana. There God birthed the vision for Buster to give out what was given to him; Restoration.

In 2003, A Place of Restoration was formed. In 2005, APOR was able to purchase fifteen acres of land in Gray, Louisiana. Amazingly, three houses, a double-wide trailer, and an office trailer were all donated and moved onto the property where they were updated.  APOR opened its doors in August 2009.  It now houses up to 15 men.

A Place of Restoration facilitates a discipleship program where men can learn how to live a life free from addictions. The once vision has become a reality through various fundraisers and events, such as our Annual Golf Tournament..  A Place of Restoration is financially maintained through donations, APOR Lawn Care Service and various construction enterprises.

In 2009 Kevin Laughlin felt called to come to APOR.  Kevin and his family moved from Dunklin Memorial Camp where he had been  on staff for ten years to assist Buster at APOR.  In 2013 Buster and Maria moved to Lafayette where they are helping families and couples that battle with addiction.  Kevin is now overseeing APOR as director. Although Buster and Maria do not live in Houma, they continue working with APOR in different capacities.  Buster serves on the board of directors and acts as an advisor on the day to day operations. 

 Buster, Maria, the staff and board members give all the glory to God for what has been and continues to be accomplished through A Place of Restoration.


Helping Families Heal