Dear Fellow Disciple:

"By this is My Father glorified, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be My disciples." (John 15:8)

Discipleship to Jesus Christ is the only valid discipleship. We are not called to be disciples of any other person or entity. Jesus called us to be His disciples, that is what we are about.

Jesus doesn't place His disciples high on a platform for everyone to see. Generally, true disciples keep a low profile.

This doesn't come easily because most of us have been programmed to grasp for leadership the worldly way. We work like crazy to climb to the top. We willingly assume the responsibility, the authority, and the benefit of all our labor. That is the way of the world, the way of the flesh.

Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you (James 4:10).

The kingdom of God doesn't operate according to the way of the flesh. In the kingdom, leadership is in direct relation to submission to Christ, and submission requires a low profile.

The Lord is at work in His kingdom today, steadily removing the self-appointed, self-anointed leaders who utilize the way of the flesh to attain to their heights. It is painful to watch; the world enjoys seeing these dynasties collapse. The world also made light of the cross. Spiritual methods make no intellectual sense.

When God cleans house, the result is a clean house. Through this purification process, God's glory is manifest.

The best way for a disciple to work on his low profile is from a kneeling position. Notice that "a kneeling" sounds exactly like annealing. Annealing means to toughen or temper through the application of intense heat. In the annealing process, internal stress is prevented or removed. When applied to the process of refining gold or silver, annealing brings impurities to the surface to be removed, so that only the pure product remains.

It is easy to see that the same thing occurs in a kneeling process. Honesty with God forces us to deal with the impurities that block His reflection. So the place to begin work on a low profile is to get honest with God from a kneeling position.

From another approach, disciples of Christ are called to be fishers of men. Unlike other fishermen, we are not instructed to weigh, measure and record our catches. We are simply to present them to Christ to do with as He pleases.

Again this calls for a low profile, one from which we cannot take credit. It is so tempting for us to "share" with others the marvelous way God uses us, but most of this type sharing gives us top billing. It's exciting when God uses us, but it can be devastating when we steal the glory. (Acts 12:21-23)

In the Scripture at the beginning of this letter, Jesus made it clear that we are called to glorify God by the production of much fruit. As disciples, we understand we accomplish this only from a low profile (a kneeling) position. The more we adapt to this position, the more productive we become.

Jesus is King!

P.S. What are you doing of eternal value?

Question for today: How can I best maintain a low profile?