Testimonials of graduates

Jamie Bueche and Family 

My name is Brian Martin. I was born and raised in Lockport, La. I am married to a wonderful woman named Rachelle Martin
and together we have three beautiful children, Taylor, Brandt, and Brock. I had never took any interest in drugs growing up or through college. As far as society looks at things I was on the right path for success. I had a beautiful family, home, and
flourishing business. I thought it was everything I wanted or needed. My wife and I were on a vacation and I had a skiing
accident that caused a serious injury to my knee. This accident led to eight surgeries and for the first time I became addicted to prescription drugs. What started out as something small led to a life of destruction. In a short period of time, I lost everything that was important to me: my family, career, and home because of my selfish addiction. Since arriving here at APOR God has really used my bad choices that come with a life of addiction to draw me into an intimate relationship with Him. Through this relationship He is teaching me what the important things in life are. I have always put my own wants, dreams, and what Ithought success was first. Now I am realizing without Him first I can’t be the man, husband, or father that He wants me to be. Ifeel that He is building a strong foundation so that I can handle the wonderful blessings that he trust me with. Especially my family that I took for granted for so long. Now that I look at the big picture God used that skiing accident to get my attention to live a life in unison with Him. I am looking forward for what He has for me in the future.

I am 41 years old and I’m from Central City, LA. My wife and I have been married for 12 years and we have 2 children together.  I also have a son from a previous marriage.  I grew up in an average home and participated in scouting, baseball and church.  Early in my teenage years, I began experimenting with drugs and alcohol.  Recreational use became abuse that evolved into a gripping 26-year battle with addictive and destructive behavior.  When I arrived at APOR I was hopeless and broken.  I used up all of my resources and destroyed every relationship in my life.  On the way to the program, I signed papers that would finalize my divorce.  I was even fired the week prior to coming to APOR. Despite all of that, I walked into open arms here at APOR.  Within the first week, I felt the Lord speaking so clearly to me that my failures were not final with Him. 

Through the inner healing and discipleship phases, I realized that the way to victory was through total surrender. Not only did I lay my shame and selfishness at the cross, but I also laid my relationship down.  In the way that my marriage and my role as a father have been restored are nothing short of divine intervention.  My family and I are eternally grateful for Living Word Church and A Place of Restoration.

What started in High School as just wanting to fit in, my social drinking soon escalated into nights of blackouts and waking up in places my parents would often warned me of. Before I knew it, the drinking wasn’t enough and I started experimenting with designer drugs. Even with the path I was heading down, I
still felt like my life was in control and I knew best. Little did I know that my personal “Death Valley” was approaching fast. I often said to myself that there wasn’t anything that wouldever control me. Boy was I wrong.

Brian Martin and Family

A Place of Restoration

What really stands out back then were my football days! I received many awards and my hard work paid off when I got numerous letters from colleges and I had aspirations of playing the game I loved on the next level.
However, due to my social life, my grades plummeted beyond salvaging. In my senior year of high school,
I was experimenting with marijuana, cocaine and some hallucinogens. I figured everybody at that age
experimented with drugs but I primarily stuck to alcohol because I was able to maintain control. Not long
after that is when my addiction became full scale. I continued in that cycle of addiction from age 22 to 34.